Should I use an Insurance Broker?

Why should I use an insurance broker over going direct?

You may think that going direct to an insurance company will save you money but this is simply not the case.

Insurance brokers are professionally qualified to accurately assess your exposures and recommend cover that adequately protects you and your business. Even if you are able to make a small saving initially you will often end up paying big time when something goes wrong.

Insurance Broker Vs Direct – it’s a no brainer

We can save you time & money

Finding the right insurance company and coverage can be hard. It can take a long time to compare all the options and it is easy to miss a hidden policy condition or misunderstand the policy wording.
With many years of experience interpreting policy wordings, negotiating with insurers and placing policies we can provide better prices and broader terms which means the best protection for your business.

We assess your risk exposures

It is important as a business owner to understand the parts of your business that put you at the most risk of a loss. It can be tricky to identify the risks within your business - some may be obvious, but others can take time to reveal themselves.

By fully understanding what your risk exposures are, you can have a plan in place to prevent a loss and protect your business financially should something go wrong.

The right cover

Business Insurance can be complex, we have the knowledge and expertise to tailor an insurance program to suit your individual requirements. With access to over 150 insurers we can find the cover and policy that is right for you.

We are your advocate at claim time

We will work with your insurer, the assessor and any third parties to achieve the best possible claim outcome.

Because we understand your policy and know the fine print, we can also identify any additional benefits that may be hidden in the policy that can form part of a claim.

If there is a claim dispute we can leverage the support of our network to make sure that it is resolved as efficiently as possible.

Personalised Service

We offer a single point of contact and are focused on building trusted relationships. This means that we fully understand your business and requirements.

This will give you peace of mind that you have the right protection in place for your business and your family

No call centres, no repeating yourself and a trusted person available when you need us most.

Regular policy reviews

It is extremely important that your insurance is reviewed on a regular basis.

As a business owner life gets busy and you may forget to update your turnover or business activities. You may not have the time to search several different insurers and compare renewal terms.

That is where we come in. We will review your policy every year, if you are unsure if something needs to be notified mid term, a quick phone call or email and we will do all the work for you.

We work for you and not the Insurer

We are on your side by your side every step of the way.

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