Management Liability Insurance

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Management Liability Insurance


When you are running a business you can be held personally liable for breaches or alleged breaches and incur financially crippling lawsuits.

Management Liability Insurance is deigned to protect directors, managers and employees if they are sued due to their actions or decisions as part of running a business.

In simple terms Management Liability Insurance covers you against mismanagement.

What Can Management Liability Cover?

Sections of cover include:

Directors & Officers Liability - Directors and Officer Liability is design to protect your company’s officers including past and present directors & officer and also any employees involved in the management of your company.

Examples of Directors & Officers Claims



Unfair Competition

Investigation by the ACCC

Insolvent Trading

Theft of Trade Secret

Employment Practises Liability

Most Management Liability claims fall under the Employment Practises section of cover.

This section is designed to protect the company directors, officers and employment for employment breaches.

Examples of Employment Practice Claims

Unfair Dismissal




Employee Misconduct

Statutory Liability:

Statutory Liability is designed to protect your company directors & officers for fines and penalties incurred due to a breach in certain legislation.

Examples of Statutory Liability Claims

Occupational Health & Safety Breach

Environmental Protection Agency Breach

Building Act Breach

Fair Trading Act Breach

Company Liability

When allegations are made against a company, we often see a claim against the owner or director.

Corporate Entity Liability provides protection for acts arising from managerial matters.

Examples of Company Liability Claims

Shareholder Disputes

Wrongful Acts


Breach of Contract

Crime Cover

Crime cover is designed to protect your company from losses arising from dishonest acts including theft and fraud by employees, contractors or shareholders.

Most crime cover claims are discovered by accident and are usually committed by the most trusted longstanding employees.

Examples of Crime Cover Claims

Fraudulent Invoicing

Overpaying Wages

Siphoning money from bank accounts


Theft of company cash

The Insure Gold Coast Difference

At Insure Gold Coast we have extensive understanding of the Management Liability Insurance market.

We will provide the most comprehensive insurance together with the highest level of personal service.

We can save you money by taking the time to put together a tailored insurance program and are happy to arrange a visit to your property to ensure that we fully understand your requirements

We are passionate about supporting the local community and donate a portion of our income to Bravehearts Childrens Charity and 1% for the Planet.

Servicing only Gold Coast customers we are able to give you the service and support that you deserve.

Insure Gold Coast is a member of the largest insurance broker network in Australasia.

As a client of a Steadfast network insurance broker, you get the best of both worlds - local knowledge and service, with the strength of a large organisation.

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